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Coeur Vide and the Anti-Vaccine Movement

In my position as a medical doctor and professional working in Integrative Practices, I felt strongly called to express myself about the diversity of positions regarding vaccination.

When vaccines came out, I never questioned their validity. Even knowing that they had been prepared in a short time, we recognized that we were dealing with the result of the dedication and day-to-day research of scientists interested in protecting humanity from a disease about which little was known, that could be lethal, and for which we had no drug resources for treatment and cure

This was a simple, direct and objective proposition.

The beginning of vaccination in the world was festively celebrated. The conditions of restraining fear and freedom seemed to be about to end, and life as we knew it would flourish again!

However, this condition, so flat and obvious, was like the sea that heralds the arrival of a great tsunami; in this manifestation of the force of nature, there are people who recognize the signs and there are those who deny them, there are those who believe in the force of waves and those who attribute little force to them, there are even some who would like to surf such waves and others who believe in a deep dive as salvation.

The great health tsunami that sweeps the planet finds equal reactions: in people, in countries and in several specific communities. Certainly, the choice to face a tsunami is individual, but the fraternal responsibility of warning and mutual care regarding the imminent threat we are experiencing is collective!

At the beginning of the pandemic I was very reflective when a client who resides in France alerted me to the pronunciation COVID. In French, it sounded like EMPTY HEART (Coeur vide)...

During these two years we have witnessed the most touching manifestations of love from the most varied sectors of society around the world: in the arts, sciences, technologies, health and humanities. THE EMPTY HEART, faced a different reality, that of an OVERFLOWING HEART, and for a moment we were ONE.

Pain opens deep veins of maturity, and this condition always contemplates the collective. Integrative Practices should be the best expression of care, free from vanity and partisanship. They were born under the purpose of the awareness that body and soul are mutual reflections, despite having different dynamics. The body is the greatest depository of the soul's concerns, but it is the physical shield that is at the interface and in dialogue with the idiosyncrasies of the world.

To be anti-vaccine is to subtract and deprive the functions of the body of its basic and primitive weapons, to try to face a brute and rude enemy with sweet and reflective words.

Rudolf Steiner, the creator of Anthroposophy, postulated that the evolutionary level of a community defined its degree of resistance to diseases, and therefore, at the collective level, this was a fictitious behavior.

Dr. Bach, creator of Flower Essence Therapy, became prominent in his time as a bacteriologist and as a creator of vaccines prepared using intestinal bacteria. He saved many communities in his time, but this did not stop him from going to nature to find the colorful and expressive language of flowers.

Homeopathy was able to protect large communities during epidemic outbreaks in the course of the 18th and 19th century through medicines that were used in large population groups, but this did not preclude the advent of vaccinations.

All these in our days are heritages and precious performances that we have inherited from our great masters. In order to honor our title of INTEGRATIVES, we also need to honor the great master researchers of modern science, filling our hearts and bodies with gratitude for all of those who have been working for humanity.

Perhaps in this way of questioning the anti-vaccine proposal, we can glimpse at a still distant quantum leap and finally change the paradigm of COEUR VIDE (Empty Heart).

Tereza Guimarães

Medical Doctor / Homeopath / Flower Essence Practitioner / Kinesiology specialist

Translation from Portuguese : Ruth Toledo ( )


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